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The country is witnessing a spurt of activities around entrepreneurship and skill development, with both public and private bodies trying to build an ecosystem that is conducive to this emerging phenomenon. The CSIR-CFTRI-KEMI Entrepreneurship Program, a joint initiative of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI) and Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI), Jain University has a very modest purpose: creating and growing the entrepreneurship agenda in the Food and Allied sectors. The focus of the program will be on (a) Breakfast foods (b) Sweet, Snacks and Savoury (c) Healthy, Organic and Nutritional foods (Superfoods),(d) Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook Foods, (e) Beverages, and (g) Food-Processing Machineries

It is designed as one of India’s premier idea-stage/pre-idea stage start-up launch program. Through a challenging and rigorous curriculum, the joint initiative provides early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs with the structure, training, mentor support, and networks needed to initiate and grow an enduring company in the identified sectors. In a modular design, this program aims to lay the groundwork essential to the success and sustainability of start-ups. The belief is in continuous support of the stakeholders throughout the four stages as depicted by this simple model.

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The  program is structured in two parts. Part A with emphasis on entrepreneurial management will be held in KEMI, Jain University JGI Global Campus (Bengaluru) while Part B with focus on Technology aspects will be held in CSIR-CFTRI (Mysore). At CSIR-CFTRI, the participants will be provided insights into various technologies available in the Food, Agriculture and Allied (FAA) domains, while at KEMI, the focus will be on creating an enterprise around these technologies.

Program  Objectives:

  • To provide valuable inputs on the process of creating a new venture and future growth avenues of the enterprise you have created
  • To understand participants’ traits, capabilities and skills, and how it will help in the acquiring the required resources to start and run your enterprise
  • To help recognition of what value your product(s)/service(s) can give to your existing and prospective customer(s)
  • To enable you to formulate your marketing and sales plans
  • To facilitate you to understand basic issues in finance
  • Appraising you with KEMI’s approach to incubation, mentoring and continuous hand holding for creating and growing your venture